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Award-winning VAAS Elementary School Bird Study Education Program

You can sponsor a class: 64 second grade classes in Sarasota County need sponsorships in order for VAAS to send them a teacher who instructs them in bird identification and how to use binoculars. Classroom sponsorships are $120.00 each.

You can sponsor a field trip: Some of our classes cannot provide transportation to the field trip locations for our second grade Bird Study Program. Field trip sponsorships are $50.00 each.

The VAAS education program received an award for Best Education Program at the 2012 annual Assembly of Florida Audubon chapters.

VAAS General Operations Budget

The General Operation Budget is used to maintain the Venice Audubon Center, its butterfly garden and to provide stewardship of the Venice Area Audubon Rookery. Costs associated with our publications, conservation advocacy and more are financed with your donations. These are kept in a separate account.

To donate by credit card, click on the “DONATE TO VAAS” button to the right. The next screen will ask you to select an amount, which fund (Education or Operations) you'd like to donate to and your credit card information.

To donate by cash or check, download and print a donation form:
Education Program Donation Form
General Operations Donation Form

Thank you for donating to VAAS. If you have any questions about our activities, please contact us at

American White Pelican  Ken Gillespie/Flickr Creative Commons

American White Pelican
Ken Gillespie/Flickr Creative Commons